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The first words placed in the mouth of Christ in John’s Gospel are not: “Follow all these rules or you’re going to hell.” Rather, Christ probes our hearts with a question: “What are you looking for?” (John 1:38).

Christianity is not primarily a religion of law, as it is so frequently considered. It is first and foremost a religion of longing. The purpose of God’s law is to point our longing toward real satisfaction and away from the counterfeits. The “whole life of the good Christian is a holy longing,” wrote Saint Augustine. “That is our life, to be trained by longing.”

In this life-changing series, Christopher West takes you on an eye-opening tour of the first pillar of the Catechism of the Catholic Church – beginning with the “ache” of human longing and ending with a vision of the Creed like you’ve never heard – and in the process demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that Christianity is not the backward list of prohibitions it is so often assumed to be. Rather it’s the religion of desire that holds out to us the hope of infinite bliss and fulfillment.

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