Date: 26 October 2019 (Saturday)

Venue: St Joseph’s Institution (Malcolm Road)


9.00am – Registration

10.00 am – Opening address and prayer

10.05 am – Keynote: “TOB – the heart of the Gospel revealed” – Fr David Garcia


Many have suffered, and continue to suffer, the effects of the sexual revolution – pornography, contraception, abortion, divorce, extra-marital affairs… the list goes on.

Fr David Garcia discusses the renewed vision provided by Pope St John Paul II in the TOB, how it brings us into the heart of the Gospel message, and how this can act as a catalyst for a sexual “counter-revolution” that can heal the brokenness that we see all around us today.

10.45 am – Talk 2 – Pornography – what’s the big deal? – Andrew Kong & Dr Christopher Cheok


It has been reported that up to 90 percent of teens have been exposed to pornography, and the lives of many adults have been devastated by it as well. Is it a hopeless situation with the reality of the internet today? How can we tackle this scourge in our lives that has devastated so many individuals and relationships? Andrew Kong will be discussing the theological aspects while Dr Christopher Cheok will discuss the Psychological aspects of how pornography affects us.

11.25 am – Q+A

12.00 pm – Lunch

12.45 pm – Break Out Session 1

1A. “Living Chastity in a hyper-sexualised world” – Team from BAGS (Being Authentic Gifts)

A team of young singles discuss the challenges of living out the virtue of chastity in the world today.

Moderator – Shaun Nathan

Panel discussion: Singles, Fr Garcia

1B. Chastity in marriage – are you serious? – Eugene & Trillion

In this session, Eugene and Trillion share what it means to live the virtue of chastity in marriage. They also share with us the challenges they faced as they strived to live it out, and how this actually injected more intimacy into their relationship and deepened their conjugal spirituality in the process.

Moderator – John Hui

Panel discussion – Eugene and Trillion, Roderick and Caroline Theseira

1.45 pm – Break Out Session 2

2A. SSA and the call to sainthood – Fr Adrian Danker

Brief synopsis:

Chastity is a virtue that all of us are called to. Fr Adrian shares with us the pastoral care in our Archdiocese for those with Same Sex Attraction (SSA), in particular those who have taken up the challenge to live out this universal call to chastity in their quest for sainthood.

Moderator – John Ooi

Panel discussion: Fr Adrian Danker, Fr David Garcia, Bryan Shen

2B. Gender theory – liberation or regression? – Nick Chui and Carmen Tan

Freedom to love flourishes when it is rooted in responsibility and truth. What is gender theory and can it give people the love it promises? Does support for gender ideology really create freedom for all in society? Nick Chui & Carmen Tan explores this topic in greater detail.

Panel discussion – Nick Chui, Carmen Tan

2.45pm – Tea break

3.00pm – Launch of Archdiocesan Directory of Resources to tackle pornography & Introduction to STRIVE.

3.10pm – Combined Panel discussion (Speakers + Fr David Garcia), Q+A

Moderator – Melvin Foo

4.00 pm – Mass